Biedrusko Palace

With 130 years of fascinating history and the restored beauty of its neo-Renaissance architecture, the palace in Biedrusko is a place with a unique, unforgettable atmosphere.  It was built in the years 1877-1880 by 30-year-old Albrecht Otto von Treskov. Because of problems in his social and family life, in 1904, he had to sell (at a good price) the Biedrusko estate together with the imposing mansion surrounded by a picturesque park.  The estate was purchased by the German army, which was looking for a suitable place for a military training area at the time.  After the end of World War II, it was used as an administration building by the Polish army.  In the 20th century the palace was visited by a number of eminent guests, including Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor, who in 1910 arrived in Poznań to attend the official opening of the Imperial Castle; in May 1923 (probably) by Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France, Great Britain and Poland, and in 1937 by Carol II, the King of Romania.  In 2009, after a period of remaining vacant, the estate was purchased by a private owner and thoroughly restored to its original, neo-Renaissance glory.  Now the building houses a restaurant and a hotel with rooms of varying standard for 90 guests, as well as conference and recreation facilities, including a ball room, winter garden, two underground rooms in neo-Gothic style and a tower with an observation deck.  The 14-hectare historical landscape park features an amphitheatre, a lovers’ gazebo, two ponds and a fountain surrounded by red and white roses.  The palace keeps changing (both inside and outside), new extensions are added for the enjoyment of our guests, who can be shown around the nooks and crannies of the building by the helpful staff.   The palace is waiting to be explored…

We look forward to welcoming you!