Biedrusko Palace

"To love the fatherland is our duty, but to cherish and take this love into our hands and carry it throughout our lives is a sign of patriotism and a matter of honour for every Pole. The fatherland and I – this is a mutual sacrifice”

Since mid 2014, the palace has been home to a Military Museum and Interior Design.  Light military equipment is presented on the walls of the restaurant and in the palace tower.  Heavy weapons and equipment are displayed in the exhibition space located next to the driveway.  The museum collection includes such exhibits as the AN-2 biplane, an infantry fighting vehicle, and OT-64 SKOT, an amphibious, armoured personnel carrier.  The museum collects memorabilia because it is part of the organisation

We encourage everyone to donate to our collection.


BIEDRUSKO ASSOCIATION – activities organised by the Biedrusko Association in 2016.  Events held in the Biedrusko Palace and Park:

  1. January – Epiphany, Three Kings' Day, - the 7th carol singing meeting together with a choir from Swarzędz.
  2. The Wielkopolska Ball – financed part of the overall costs
  3. Co-organiser of winter marathons “"Warta Challenge", 5 editions attended by about 200 runners in 2015/2016
  4. Co-organiser of the MTB Gogol winter marathon attended by about 200 runners.
  5. Co-organiser of bicycle trips.
  6. March – Women’s Day
  7. March – Palm Sunday – religious song singing session accompanied by a choir from Przeźmierowo
  8. 15th May – a picnic organized by father Wiesław Okoń
  9. June – Children’s Day, Biedrusko Days, the Batallion Festival supported by the Training Centre for Land Forces
  10. Workshop for children from the Rataje Cultural Centre in July/August
  11. November –  Independence Day – a concert and Holy Mass
  12. December – Christmas Eve Supper for single and elderly persons, provided 30% of the funding
  13. presents for children on the feast of Saint Nicholas / a list of children receiving social care
  14. rehearsals of the dancing group "Biedruskowianie" directed by Katarzyna Sztylka and a group of court dances directed by Maciej Rąbalski
  15. Cooperation with Seniors’ Club "Dębowy Liść"
  16. Cooperation with Professor Bożena Górczyńska of Adam Mickiewicz University in the preparation of a book about the history of Biedrusko
  17. Preparation of the history of Biedrusko
  18. Cooperation with Professor Kryłowicz of the University of Security in Poznań
  19. Development of the military museum and promotion of Polish patriotism
  20. Opening the palace tunnel to visitors and guided tours featuring the history of Biedrusko and profiles of great Poles
  21. Participation in national holidays and wreath laying ceremonies
  22. Completion and official opening of a swimming pool, gym, salt cave, and a rehabilitation unit 2016/17, dr. inż. Jan Kucharski

We look forward to welcoming you!